Tour Fall in love with Colima: Have a tasting of the most traditional meals and beverages of the region

We will start our tour tasting a glass of “tuba” freshly collected sap from the coconut palm accompanied with piece of bread roll, later we will travel part of The Colima’s Royal road and see the Sculpture of The King of Coliman, then we will move to the Smooth Stone park, where you will have the opportunity to slide on this volcanic monolith and learn about its origin, legend and popular saying, after that we will head for the historic center of Colima, where we will see some very representative sculptures of Colima. We will try a Colima drink called Bate (it is made with Chia, water and brown sugar honey), later we will have a Colimote breakfast, and then, we will visit the Cathedral, Government Palace, Hidalgo Theater and Colima Salters Cooperative, where you will learn about the process to the obtaining of common salt and the Flower of Salt, and the great diversity of uses and importance that salt has had for mankind, from there we will go to delight our palate with a delicious meal named tatemado accompanied by a glass of passionflower water or of almond tuba. Later we will return to our hotel to rest or enjoy a nap.

In the late afternoon we will continue with our tour by visiting the Saint Francis of Assisi park, where we will see the oldest ruins of the viceroyalty in Colima and try Tejuino, then we will go to the main Square of Villa de Álvarez city to see the Sculpture called "La Cabalgata" (horseback riding), and learn about what it represents for the locals, there we will taste a delicious popsicle while we tour the main square, later we will have dinner, and to conclude the tastings of the day , what better than a delicious cup of coffee grown and processed in the volcanic area of Colima.

Suggestions: Comfortable clothes, sunscreen lotion, hat and your camera. ⋆ Suitable for the whole family ⋆
Duration: 5 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon
⋆ Cost of the morning tour: $ 399.00 pesos / person, with groups from 2 to 3 people and $ 349.00 pesos per person with groups from 4 to 8 people.
Afternoon tour cost: $ 299.00 pesos with a group of 2 to 3 people and $ 249.00 pesos with groups bigger that 3 people. Children from 4-10 years old pay 50%. It is possible to take just the morning or late afternoon tour.
Includes: Transportation, certified tour guide, hydration, tasting of tuba, bate and tejuino.
It does not include: cost of meals.
Available from: Monday to Friday (prior reservation). The tour starts at 9:00 am in the morning, and at 4:00 pm in the late afternoon.

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